Cowboys in Hollywood

rodeo-cowboy-moviesSad to say there have not been many good Hollywood movies about us Rodeo Cowboys. Digging around I came up with this list of rodeo cowboy movies. But most we have not hear of and aren’t very good.

Now Im not whining about it to much, after all there are some many good Westerns and movies just about Cowboys. After all Hollywood did give us the great John Wayne!

I would like to see a movie about Rodeo Cowboys the quality of the movie Rocky. Think about what Rocky did for the popularity of boxing! The same mainstream type movie could do so much for our great sport of Rodeo!

There was a pretty good attempt in 2015 with the Fox movie “The Longest Ride”. It was about a Bull rider who keeps getting injured but has hard time accepting that his career is over. Its actually a pretty decent movie and connected with mainstream audiences. It got a 7.5 rating overall from Rotten Tomatoes.

I enjoyed the movie and thought it at least introduced the mainstream audience about what being a Rodeo cowboy is all about. But I really want to have something that digs deep to show what our world is all about.

First thing I am going to do is trademark my idea. I have heard about trademark trials that can kill your whole idea before it even gets off the ground!

So now considering a Kickstarter campaign to make my own movie. First thing to do is acting classes in Los Angeles so I can do the role some justice. Yes! I am casting myself as the lead. Why not? I’m a real cowboy and think it needs to be played by one. I started my career as a new car broker in LA¬†helping people get great deals on cars. But I left that all behind years ago to be a real live cowboy!

Now I need to find a director. Once that has been secured Ill post the Kickstarter campaign. This is going to be a labor of love of course. Don’t really expect to make any money or anything. Once I have the campaign up and going Ill come back and update the blog to keep you guys all in the loop.

There really has to be something quality out there that can shed some light on the Rodeo Cowboy lifestyle. After all what is the first question people ask when they see us do what we do? Are they crazy!?

Well the answer is yes and no, in case you were wondering. We have to be a little crazy to do what we do but since we are highly trained its not as crazy as people think. They just need to get a deeper look into our day to day lives to see the passion we have the sport.

Lets face it, most of us cowboys will never be millionaires yet we put it all on the line anyway. We could break a leg, an arm or even a neck!

Thats not stopping us. And if Hollywood will not step up and make a good movie about our lifestyle that will not stop us either!

We will do what every Rodeo Cowboy should do. Strap up on the bucking bull ourselves. Grab on for dear life and try to tame that sunnavabitch before we get bucked off!