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HI there folks and welcome aboard!

We understand that there are lots of questions that many contestants have for us, the goal of this page is to help eliminate confusion and dispel rumors with the facts. Although we are new concessioners with some new ideas we would also like to say that we do not want to reinvent the wheel we would like to leave things a lot like they have been in the past with some minor changes that will hopefully make things better for everyone.

One of the biggest changes you will notice is in the Barrel Racing we are going to try something somewhat radical, bringing the 4D format to our rodeo. We will follow the NBHA rulebook for this format.  The reason we are doing this is to increase participation thus growing rodeo to include everyone not just beginners and pros. The 4D will allow those with horses, which are not "Novice" but not as fast as the horses in the "open" catagory a place to compete. A Peewee category will be available as before, for those contestants too young to compete in the 4D.  The strongest argument against this format is that it is not "Rodeo" we do see that point, however the team roping is not ran in "Rodeo" format either and all can agree that this format fits us locally better than a simple open only format.

Rough stock will remain as it was in the past with one exception there WILL be rerides available in all events to ensure  a fair chance for all to compete.

Jerklines will be allowed in the Tiedown roping.

We would like to thank everyone ahead of time for participating and ask for patients and understanding with these proposed changes. We ask for everyone's input in these matters, please let us know what you think both good and bad. We know we cannot satisfy everyone but feel that these changes would help our community as a whole. Understand that these changes are put forth on a trial basis it is hard to know what will and will not work unless we try, if anything does not work we will revert back to the former procedure.

Please feel free to let us know what you think of these changes, our desire is to provide the best possible venue for you.  Your input is critical please drop us an email or give us a call with all of your comments both good and bad.  Our email address is [email protected] or visit us on facebook.


Tentative Entry Fees

Bareback Riding..............$50
Saddle Bronc Riding.........$50
Mini Bulls.................$25
4D Barrel Racing...........$30
Pee Wee Barrels........$10
Calf Roping...........$35
Team Roping 
Mutton Bustin.......$10

Please understand that these are tentative plans things are subject to change.  Please call us if you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints you will not be treated any differently because you disagree with us.  Feel free to call us on our personal cell phones.

Philip 413-2479

Bodee 413-0315

Brandon 413-1371

Buskin 690-0461


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